Friday, December 10, 2010

Ampcorp #12 - Special Edition Books.... They are here....

Special Edition Books.

Well everyone.
They are here.

I'm quite a calm person - but I freaked out when I saw them.

I'll say no more - but we're booked in to sort all of these out on Monday and Tuesday.
Hopefully we can get most of them underway in that period.

We will do our very very best to get everyone's edition on the way to them if delivery is feasible in the short time until Christmas.


  1. Hurray :)
    Can't wait to hold it in my hands.

    Another question.
    Any chance that there will be a vinyl release too, respectively I'm quite sure you will do one, so when will it be availabe, and will there be a Special Edition, too?
    Would be totaly awesome ;)


  2. is there a possibility to post some pics?

  3. Excellent! Greetings from Anger Str. :)

  4. no? no pics available of the masterpiece? no problem to wait a few days more but it would be a nice appetizer to see how it looks like. cheers!