Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ampcorp#10 Special Edition Dispatch News

Special Edition Books

Welcome to my nervous breakdown – I mean Special Edition Dispatch News round up...

We couldn’t have picked a worse time to try and get this sorted apart from the day before the apocalypse.
Right – The books have been at manufacturing for over a month now.  We all know that this is the busiest time of the year blah blah blah...

I have been knocking on this door with increasing volume every week for the manufacturing to be done as quickly as possible.  Obviously I can’t make the books be made any more quickly than they are prepared to commit to making them, and I presume that they are much more complicated to make than any normal order, and they are all being bound by hand one by one.

The delivery date has been changed again and again, and I am beginning to get the feeling I am waiting for one of those trains that are forever delayed by ten more minutes just when it should be pulling up to the platform.  I am pulling my hair out.

Here is the summary at the moment.
Firstly I want to say that there is no question about them not arriving – so don’t worry about that.

At this moment the books are not quite completed.  The manufacturers have decided to redo one of the binds on the book because they thought it could be done better.  On the one hand I am glad that they are so thorough and that they want to do a good job, but on the other I was promised that I would receive them all by Weds 8th Dec.  This now seems to be unlikely because the bad weather has  affected all shipments across the entire distribution system.  

This probably doesn’t mean much to you if you’re in Australia right now, but what it does mean is that I cannot promise that the book will reach you by Christmas if you live in an international destination.
This is because Royal Mail have likewise amended all their last postage dates for Christmas to reflect the delays in posting.
Last posting dates can be found here:

Enter your country
Enter special delivery for UK, or AIRSURE for overseas. If AIRSURE is not available for your country select INTERNATIONAL SIGNED FOR

This will tell you the last posting date for Christmas.

If you’re not bothered about getting it for Christmas then don’t worry – it will be with you as soon as possible.

Obviously we will attempt to move heaven and hell in order to get them out, but please remember that we cannot even sign or dedicate them until they arrive, and that this is a really big job in itself, so it maybe that depending on your location your book may not arrive until the end of the year.

We are really sorry – but there really isn’t anything we can do to speed up the circumstances.  This is just one of the downsides of us doing everything by hand without a big distribution network to sort all this stuff out.  I totally understand people’s frustration.  Believe me - nobody is more frustrated than I am.  

Now then – trying to be practical about this –
If you would prefer that we kept hold of your book until the new year when everything has settled back down to normal then please email me with ****HOLD**** in the email heading, and I will make sure that your book is put somewhere safe until the first week of January and we can try again.

Otherwise – we’ll just press on with getting everything out as quickly as possible when it arrives.
The best we can do at this point is keep you informed.

Hope everyone is well and either enjoying the bounteous snow, or the lovely sunshine down in the southern half...


  1. hmm, that sucks. :( It would be fair if you give everyone a flac lossless download alternative who ordered your book.

  2. Nah, just be patient - it'll be well worth the wait.


  3. No problem, we have waited this long, we can wait another two or three weeks. (You know, you guys are really building up the tension and anticipation this way, The Octopus is likely to be the one album which I looked forward to the most ever)


  4. Hi guys!

    I just wanted to let you know that "the octopus" arrived in Germany.

    Got my DigiPack for 2 days and love it.
    Gratulations to you guys - it was worth the wait!

    I like the "sticker-idea" and will stick´em in stuttgart.