Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ampcorp #16: Amplifier take over

What a bizarre thing to write.  Anyway.  It's true. have given us permission to write a blog to tie in with The Octopus.  Here's the brief:

Somehow - virgin have decided it for the best for us to take over their music blog with a "concept albums" round up.

Seeing as how I am trying to co-ordinate releasing an album, do phone interviews, oversee manufacturing and mix an EP at the same time I am getting a little thinly stretched.
This is where I turn it over to you guys.

I need an article featuring 8 Concept albums (see how they tied it in to The Octopus?), and a coresponding bit of footage from youtube for each.
So - pick 1 album and write a little short piece about it - say around 100 words. You can sum up the concept, say why you think it's great, find a bit of youtube footage.
I'll collate all the articles and put them "in voice" and then we can get them featured on

You can send me your contributions

Need them quite quickly
Looking forward to reading some!

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