Monday, February 7, 2011

Ampcorp#19 - Retail Distribution and different Formats of The Octopus

After innumerous emails asking to be able to buy The Octopus from shops, we are pleased to announce that we have agreed to allow a distributor to physically distribute The Octopus on a European basis.

The physical Retail Version that you see ANYWHERE ELSE that is not the amplifier on-line store, be it in a 3rd parties on-line or in a independent record shop is THE GATEFOLD WALLET version of The Octopus.  This is the ONLY FORMAT we have licensed.

The MAIN DIGIPAK version and future book and vinyl editions will only be available from us on-line.

To see the difference go here

The Retail Version comes with text insert, but no extras that we send out ourselves.

Obviously because we cannot collect the information about who has bought a Retail Edition unless they specifically contact us, we cannot include their name in future editions of The Octopus.

To avoid confusion - this Retail Version IS NOT a new edition of The Octopus.
All named enteries will be in new editions - because obviously all the artwork needs to be reset.

A new edition will have  NEW ARTWORK and will list the names of members.

All memebers will be contacted and consulated before production of any new edition.

At present the next edition is planned at 5000 copies.


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