Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ampcorp Communication #3 - UK Press Release

“Of all the possible consequences, the consequence of the beginning is infinitely large…”

Amplifier release their much anticipated third album ‘The Octopus’ on January 31st 2011, through their own label AmpCorp.  A special limited edition version will also be available. This will be limited to 500 copies only and is a 70 page CD book detailing The Octopus. Each of these will be dedicated in hand by the band.

Size isn’t everything. But Amplifier’s The Octopus is big in every respect and dimension. Three years in the making, universal in its concept, and spread across two CDs (three discs in vinyl format)
it can now be discovered like some Rosetta Stone that will reveal ever more of itself over the weeks,
months and years that you live with it.

The Octopus is a major work that has stylistic echoes of Led Zeppelin and Rush and a vision that
invites comparisons to Pink Floyd’s The Wall or Queensrÿche’s ’Operation: Mindcrime’

Speaking for himself, drummer Matt Brobin and bassist Neil Mahony the band’s vocalist and guitarist
Sel Balamir says: “The one element of our music that most people perceive is its panoramic quality.”
That panorama stretches from the acoustic guitar-led ‘Oscar Night’, the complex hard rock stylings of
the epic ‘Interstellar’ or ‘Planet Of Insects’ to the sinister yet comforting power of the title-track.

These are sixteen songs of breathtaking imagination executed by a band of rare talent.
The strengths and the scale of ‘The Octopus’ are even more remarkable given that it was made without any record company support. It is the product of a truly independent rock band working without boundaries, three musicians fuelled by ambition and self-belief, inspired by a loyal fan-base following online progress reports.

“We have a commitment to excellence. That’s what Amplifier is – everything to the best of our abilities.”

That commitment to excellence has in the past earned them plaudits from across the UK press
spectrum with the NME, Kerrang!, Q, Rocksound and Metal Hammer being just some of those
titles moved to shower them with praise. Now Amplifier return… stronger than ever.

Sel: “It’s taken three years to do and honestly, I don’t think we could ever repeat the effort. I
also think this is very probably the best thing we will ever do.”

The concept of ‘The Octopus’ may be complex – “It’s the idea of something controlling you.
Something closer to you than your skin but you’re not even aware of it…” – but the dream  is
simple – “We want this record to develop a mythology way beyond ‘the third album by Amplifier’.
We want it to grow over the years to the point where it is just ‘The Octopus’. And we are like the ghosts in the machine.”

“…The consequence of all things that are possible is fulfilled at the end.”

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  1. This will indeed be a stunning piece of these three men's lifes over the the last 3 years and its been a pleasure to witness them reproduce the same sound and energy on stage as they put on their cd's.
    And their back catalogue is as rich and full of huge tunes that any artist could ever hope to achieve in a few lifetimes nor alone a few years!!! well done lads.