Friday, November 5, 2010

Ampcorp Communication #3.1 - clarification of release date

I have been advised of the confusion regarding the release date and pre-orders.

The release date of 31/1/11 is FOR GENERAL RELEASE only.
If you're on the pre-orders list and order you will get The Octopus this year.

Alex sent me the following email, which highlights the confusion.

hi SEL
thanks for that info.
have another question. i read from the article from rollingpress about the release date. it says 31st january 2011
so is this the release date for the limited 1 500 copies (includes 500 copies with 70 page book) which we can preorder only with the preordermail ? or is this the official release date where everybody can buy the nomal version in stores, amazon, hmv etc.?
hope you can answer, because i like to hear THE OCTOPUS still this year ;-)
best wishes

Hi ALex

Sorry - it's not clear.  The release date is for press purposes.  That's why it's in a press release.

However - like I said in ampcorp communication#1 - as soon as i get it back it will be available for people like you and all our other friends to get immediately.

You'll appreciate that in order to have press you need to have a fixed release date - not just "when I get it back from the factory"

You won't be able to buy The Octopus in shops, because we won't put a barcode on it, so it's our merch page only for now.

It will be on Amazon and itunes and all those retail places after the official release date, but essentially that will still be being delivered by us.

I hope that clears up the confusion.


  1. Well you certainly brightened my day up with that. Thanks dude.

  2. that's good news... 70 pages... 2 cds... one whole life to listen to it and make it my lifelong soundtrack!